sweet, adventurous, joyful, insecure, caring, sociable, sensitive, romantic, imaginative, passionate, independent, dependant, dynamic, confident, stubborn, funny, chaotic, sensual, flexible in mind, flexible with body, neat, creative, charming, practical, sporty

  • Online since: 2016-12-17

  • Birthday: 1994-10-30
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: black
  • Body type: normal
  • Boob size: b
  • Turn on: 15-00
  • Turn off: 22-00
  • Surprise: Oh, my fantasy has no limits! Think of that extraordinary!
  • Happy: Make me laugh, and feel pleasure!
  • Unusual place: hmmmm I should think)
  • Body part: I believe that my body is charming, I love it!
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Nannety's official fan thread!

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You don't need to do anything fancy for her to put on the greatest show you've ever seen. You won't have to come up with an elaborate plan to get her to do anything. Should do it all and you’ll only need to ask her one time. Just Treat her nice and with respect, so you can ask her to take off her clothes. She will use her fingers and toys to achieve the most powerful orgasm you've ever seen in your entire life. You’ll know then that all of this is the real deal. When she’s shaking in pure delight and can't take it anymore. Then and only then will you know for certain that this cam girl is exactly who she says she is. All you need to do is tell this girl what's on your mind. After that, she'll take care of the rest.

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Make sure not to miss Nannety's upcoming event Foot-fetish with Nany
Starts: 2018-09-18 13:00:00 UTC